Not happy with Agent - Need Advice please

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    Not happy with Agent - Need Advice please


    Just joined this forum in desperation. Appreciate if I can get advice & help.

    I have a 1 bedroom flat in Bournemouth which I have let out with the same company, fully managed. I live in Hong Kong

    Rental is 525 pounds gross.

    My complaints;

    Agent charges;
    110 pounds + Vat for agreement fees
    40 pounds for Inventory Check Out
    65 for Inventory Make/Update
    15 for TDS
    9% per month Management Fee's

    I pay these each time as its rented out on 6 month tenancy.

    Also, the amount of "repairs" or "problems" which I seem to be charged for seems high and the charges of their "approved repairers" seems excessive like 40 gbp to check the boiler.

    To be honest, I dont check all the statements. But was alarmed recently when they wrote to me stating they carried out some work in Nov 2007 which due to now changing their accounts system, they reckon they never charged me!!! I fee like asking them to do a full audit of my account for the last 5 years and checking I have been paid properly.

    Also, I have sent them 3 emails with questions, called a couple of times. I never receive email replies or calls back.

    I am at the end of my tether, but being in Hong Kong, makes it hard for me to contact other Letting Agents as comparison.

    Apologies for the length of the post, but appreciate advice or comments to any I have posted above.

    None of the fees you quote seem unusual. Maybe you could contact a few other agents in the area to find out if you can find a better deal. This would be good because if you find you are being overcharged, you can change agents, and if your are not, it will give you peace of mind.


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      It's almost impossible to reset the tenancy with a new agreement.
      The buyer will inherit the previous tenancy at the same point that they're able to let the property on the new agreement, so any new tenancy is going to be a follow on tenancy.
      So things that need to be done at the very start...
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      You're really going to struggle with that not being a tenancy.
      If the tenant can lock the door to exclude you, and they could wash in a sink, that's likely to be a dwelling house.
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      Yep, that's exactly what has happened....
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      How basic is your understanding?

      From your other thread you are seeing a broker about a BTL mortgage. I think you will struggle to secure a BTL mortgage against a property with a Regulated Tenancy in place....
      24-01-2022, 14:05 PM
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      Unless it is REALLY cheap - don't!

      I inherited a property with a regulated tenant. The rent can only go up once every 2 years, by a specified amount, although more often if you improve the property, but it will always be cheap.

      Most tenants have been in a very long time and...
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