Landlord wants to let carpet fitters in on Friday what are my rights?

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  • westminster
    Assuming this is a joint AST for the whole house, (as opposed to all the Ts having individual contracts for a room, with communal areas), then basically, you can refuse access and there is nothing much the LL could do but apply for a court order to gain access, and the procedure for that would take a few weeks at least, so in all likelihood you'd be long gone before he got a court order.

    But I don't think this is necessarily the best or most reasonable course of action. You say you don't know what LL requires access for - so, call and ask, it might well be just to measure up, and contractors often want to arrive at ungodly hours of the morning. Then try to work out a mutually agreeable arrangement if at all possible - the contractor may be able to change to a later appointment slot. Bear in mind that you may need a reference from the LL for a future rental property.

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  • Landlord wants to let carpet fitters in on Friday what are my rights?

    I dont know if its to actually lay carpets or I assume so since the tenancy ends on the 22nd June and landlord says someone is moving in a few days later.

    I could be wrong but it means I have to be up really early for something that isnt beneficial to me and actually causes disruption especially since the email from the landlord says he will require access to every room when I dont think this is a essential thing for me and I feel like I am being forced to do what the landlord says as a few months ago he had constant viewings round for our student house and sent notice by email often with less than a hours notice and sent rude emails about the state of the house when I kept it almost spotless he has a habit of complaining about the slightest thing.

    Currently I am the only tenant left as everyone else moved out but just worried that the landlord is causing me uncessecary disruption.

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