Owner-occupier's lodgers- effect on Council Tax?

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  • mind the gap
    Disilluisoned : we appreciate your attempts to help people, but telling them what the situation is in Scotland simply confuses the issue unless you know for certain that the law relating to the question is identical north of the border to what pertains in England and Wales. Often it is not and your advice is thus at best irrelevant at worst wrong/misleading.

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  • Disillusioned

    I'm in Scotland so advice maybe similar.I would advise speaking with the council to find out.I lived away from home for weeks at a time in Aberdeen, and still had a home in Ayrshire. I did have to pay both. I wouldn't have if the main residence had no furniture, it would have been exempt from council tax for six months. I think you will find that they are liable to pay and that your discount will be frozen for now.
    As far as i understand, you do not have to declare yourself as landlord when living in the property.This I was advised by the local authority in Aberdeen.i don't know where you stand with your mortgage lender though.Normally you have to pay a fee and get permission to let the property out,I'm not sure of the process when you are living there.i would speak to the mortgage lender and CAB to keep yourself right.
    Hope this helps,


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  • Owner-occupier's lodgers- effect on Council Tax?

    Hi - I wonder if anyone can help me with this ...

    I am in the process of taking on two lodgers in my own home. I have been living there alone to date and receiving a single person reduction on Council Tax. The lodgers have their own homes and will usually stay here only four nights per week. Do I therefore have to pay full council tax whilst they reside part time with me?

    Hope to hear from someone on this. Many thanks.

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