Council tax problem confusing me advice appreciated

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    Council tax problem confusing me advice appreciated

    I moved to property 6th December and am a LHA tenant, got my full rent paid because I was only tenant until a new tenant moved in mid Feburary so my entitlement changed.

    Whilst it was waiting to be reasessed recieved a CT bill so I rang CT benefits to be told not to worry since once I get my benefit it will cover it.

    I heard nothing more till now when I got 2 bills one claiming I owe £82, one saying May's £60 is due and June's payment is due on the 1st of £60

    My housemate moved a few days ago and I dont have forwarding address and he was a full time student but I think never bothered handing in his exemption form but the CT told me since they know where I live if its not paid they will take me to court for the money! I only get about £35 a week to cover electric and food and other bills and am currently looking for work so theres no way I can afford the £200 then even with the 25% discount for 1 person £45 a month! thats more than a weeks money for me.

    What can I do as I am really panicking! the council woman was really friendly and polite and said I have been sent 2 reminders this month and every month which I have never recieved though I know with my benefit claim I got about 10 letters in 1 day and about 4 more another day dated as much as 2 weeks before from council so the post may be slow.

    I found my CT benefit letter which says I get £8.84 a week hb not much and woman said its band B so thats why bill so high but still I have rented flats over the last 3 years and paid under half what I am paying now for a town/city centre flat so dont know why its so high.

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  • Reply to Evacuation of Tenant
    by nukecad
    Just to note that you should only deduct their usual rent for the period they were in the alternative accommodation, even if it cost you more than that. (If it cost you less then you win a bit).

    ie. They should only pay their normal rent, you or your insurance should cover any extra. (That's...
    20-04-2021, 05:45 AM
  • Evacuation of Tenant
    by berrahri
    There was a landslide and my Tenant had to be evacuated. They cannot return because access to the property is not safe.
    They had been reasonably okay Tenants, but as soon as this event occured they have treated me like the enemy! Everything I have advised appears to have been treated with suspicion...
    19-04-2021, 00:23 AM
  • Reply to Tenancymtenant not vacate, offers 1/3rd rent for 3 months then leave
    by Jon66
    Jeremy you need to go and take some landlord training. You will find it most helpful because you clearly don't understand the statutory framework around which you are doing business and that's not a good idea.

    The tenant is perfectly entitled to remain in the property after the fixed term...
    20-04-2021, 01:28 AM
  • Tenancymtenant not vacate, offers 1/3rd rent for 3 months then leave
    by Jeremyst
    AST tenant has completed tenancy but has refused to move out. Today he proposed to pay 1/3rd of most recent rent per month for 3 months then leave.
    If I were to agree what paperwork (contract?) do I have to have in place? If I agreed to his proposal what rights would he have as a tenant during...
    19-04-2021, 21:49 PM
  • Reply to How best to serve a section 21 (6a) document?
    by Jon66
    Service is governed by the CPR and practice directions. Easy to look up if you Google CPR rules. I think its 6. It is perfectly ok to hand deliver making a note of date and time and confirming this in a sworn witness statement, although I also get a photo too where possible. Otherwise through the post...
    20-04-2021, 01:20 AM
  • How best to serve a section 21 (6a) document?
    by Madmax86
    Hi all

    First time serving a section 21 notice.

    Been reading online and seems to be mixed responses about the best way to serve it.

    I initially thought recorded or special delivery would be the best as it is tracked however if it's not received it can be deemed...
    19-04-2021, 17:42 PM
  • Reply to Evacuation of Tenant
    by berrahri
    Thank you for your response, we have already settled the Deposit and I will now propose as you suggest with the rent return, deducting the alt accommodation cost. Hopefully they will accept and we can move on.
    19-04-2021, 23:36 PM
  • Reply to Evacuation of Tenant
    by Jon66
    It's a civil matter. If your tenants were unable to remain in the property the usual position, unless the TA says you will provide alternative accommodation, is that the contract is frustrated and void from that point. The right thing to do is to refund the monies either from the date at which they...
    19-04-2021, 23:15 PM
  • Reply to Tenancymtenant not vacate, offers 1/3rd rent for 3 months then leave
    by theartfullodger
    HOW has tenancy ended? Notice from tenant or court order?

    A fixed term tenancy is always, if tenant remains, followed by an ongoing, rolling, periodic tenancy. Thatcher's 1988 Housing Act says so.

    Or have I misunderstood (again) ?
    19-04-2021, 22:21 PM
  • Reply to Tenancymtenant not vacate, offers 1/3rd rent for 3 months then leave
    by TTTT
    Don’t do it. It’s like paying a blackmailer who keeps spare copies of the incriminating evidence and will ask you for more money or discount later on. You might as well tell him if he is week late with the rent, you will get a CCj on him but if he moves out in a month, you will give him say...
    19-04-2021, 22:08 PM