Council tax problem confusing me advice appreciated

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  • Council tax problem confusing me advice appreciated

    I moved to property 6th December and am a LHA tenant, got my full rent paid because I was only tenant until a new tenant moved in mid Feburary so my entitlement changed.

    Whilst it was waiting to be reasessed recieved a CT bill so I rang CT benefits to be told not to worry since once I get my benefit it will cover it.

    I heard nothing more till now when I got 2 bills one claiming I owe £82, one saying May's £60 is due and June's payment is due on the 1st of £60

    My housemate moved a few days ago and I dont have forwarding address and he was a full time student but I think never bothered handing in his exemption form but the CT told me since they know where I live if its not paid they will take me to court for the money! I only get about £35 a week to cover electric and food and other bills and am currently looking for work so theres no way I can afford the £200 then even with the 25% discount for 1 person £45 a month! thats more than a weeks money for me.

    What can I do as I am really panicking! the council woman was really friendly and polite and said I have been sent 2 reminders this month and every month which I have never recieved though I know with my benefit claim I got about 10 letters in 1 day and about 4 more another day dated as much as 2 weeks before from council so the post may be slow.

    I found my CT benefit letter which says I get £8.84 a week hb not much and woman said its band B so thats why bill so high but still I have rented flats over the last 3 years and paid under half what I am paying now for a town/city centre flat so dont know why its so high.

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