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    Check Out Fee

    Hi everyone,

    I've just been told by my Landlord that he will be charging us (a rather steep) £65 check out fee, this is 10 days before our last day of tennancy. (Actually I had to weed out of him why the final bill was going to be more money than expected, since our tenancy ends on the 5th he said he would just send a bill to us for those last days, when the bill was £60 more than I thought he said oh yes that's the check out fee)

    When I argued that he never mentioned this before he told me I had signed for this service in my lease. I found this section below in my electronic copy which I believe he is referring to.

    7.23.1 To pay the reasonable* cost of a check-out of the Inventory and Schedule of Condition listing all the Fixtures and Fittings in the Premises and the condition of them at the expiry or sooner termination of the tenancy.

    Now I have a couple of issues with this, firstly it doesn't specify an amount that will be charged (so he's free to name his price) which makes me believe this may be an unfair term and condition according to contract law.

    Secondly I've never been charged by my last three rentals a check out fee (all within the past 4 years, full deposit back on all, no hassle) so this was not a charge I was expecting.

    Any thoughts to whether or not this is a legitimate charge or a cheeky little last chance piggy grab at our hard earned.

    Thankyou kindly, Nugget x


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