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    Morning all - some expert advice needed.


    We had to move out of our property 5 weeks ago due to some internal works, our insurance company have rehoused us in rental accomodation which I had to organise myself however they have covered the costs. The tenancy is in my name and I am responsible for the deposit. The agreement is for a fixed 3 months and all of the rental monies and deposit were paid in full in advance. This doesn't involve a letting agent. We are due to be moving out of the property in 5 days (this coming weekend).

    The Landlord called on Friday night to request a viewing to take a look around and run through the inventory, with 10mins notice. I refused and the arguement that followed resulted in the Landlord letting me know exactly what they thought of this decision, which has now left me with a few concerns about getting the deposit back... just to clarify, they were refused access because they'd already arranged to come earlier in the day and didn't turn up, didn't call to advise, etc. That and the fact my child was asleep and my wife unwell and not willing to accept any visitors at that hour.

    I'm looking for some ammunition in case this turns sour as I can't afford any deductions or further stress to my family... my wife is due to give birth in 2 weeks!

    -Inventory... we were provided one but it wasn't accurate in regard to the condition, dirty walls, stained carpets, etc. At no point were we requested to amend and sign this (it's still in the property).

    From looking though other posts I assume the Landlord hasn't a leg to stand on if they try and make a deduction even though they provided me a copy?

    -Utilities... it was agreed these would form part of the rental (for a £250 per month premium on the rent, paid for by the insurance company). The tenancy agreement still states that we are responsible but an addendum, signed by the Landlord, is stapled to the back to reflect this agreement. Since we moved in we've had visits from the utility companies and red letter through the door... some of these bills are topping £600 which must indicate that last 2 sets of tennants haven't paid.

    As I have a signed agreement from the landlord, despite it going against what is written on the tenancy agreement, am I indemnified against any utility charges?

    -Term... the Landlord is going to rent this property out the week after we leave, despite the fact we've paid for three months and have an agreement to reflect this.

    If the Landlord chooses to make our lives difficult are we within our rights to hold onto the keys and refuse to hand the property back until the end of the term?

    -Garden... This is very overgrown, it was 'acceptable' when we moved in but we haven't had access to the shed to use the Lawnmower as the Landlord didn't leave behind the right key.

    There's no reference to it on the TA so is this something we could get stung on?

    I appreciate this is a Landlord forum but we're going through a tough time with our own property and my wifes health at the moment - I don't want to add to the list so some expert advice to nip this in the bud is needed - ideally if someone could point we towards something legal I can refer to when I speak to the Landlord this evening?

    Thanks in advance.

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