AST's term expired, no new let, no-one's collecting our rent

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    Originally posted by jennyweasley View Post
    to clarify, my landlord hasn't been abroad/in hospital, etc. he's simply an incompetent idiot. and possibly ridiculously rich.
    This is irrelevant to the legal position. You are still liable for rent, whether it is demanded or not, and the landlord has six years in which to pursue a claim against you for unpaid rent.

    Arguably, you are just as much an incompetent idiot for having not paid rent for ten months, and thinking you might be able to get away with it.


      Until someone speaks to the LA or the LL and they say why the rent was not collected, and tell someone, the reason for not collecting the rent is not known at this time, they may be unaware.

      You, on the other hand knew all along and kept quiet, hoping you would get away with not paying perhaps? What will you do if your departed T cannot be traced? Cough up to cover their share? Doesn't sound so clever not paying for so long now, does it?

      Your LL may be all of those things you suggest, but what are you simply naive or ridiculously dishonest or both?

      Before acting on forum advice, you may wish to consult an expert, someone who has all the relevant facts, and who accepts liability for their advice.


        Can everyone stop trying to point-score by insulting each other, please?
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