Benefits T vacated but left belongings/rubbish

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    Benefits T vacated but left belongings/rubbish

    Hello all

    i got the problem with my HB tenant . my tenant she doesn't live at the property since tenancy agreement expired . she left all the rubbish at the garden got the phone call from environmental health and i had moved all of it . And she left her belonging at the property . As i got confirm from Housing Benefit that she doesn't claim benefit at the property anymore. Yesterday i got phone call her want her belonging . today i had arrange her to collect her belonging and i left her for move her for 3 hr. when i come back to the property she goes and her belonging still at the property. she doesn't take anything out from the property at all . i have their parent contact but they don't want to get get involve . So i can't contact her at all as she always change her number .My question is

    - Can i move her belonging out from the property and move on or do i have to apply to the court as i had give her S21 and was expired on 19 May .

    or what should i do next ?

    thank you for you help

    On what date did the Tenancy Agreement's fixed term expire? Did T move-out before or on that day? And does she still owe any rent?
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      thank for quick reply

      Tenancy Agreement's fixed term expire on 19 Dec 09 . and she still owe the of 1300 pound . basically i give her S21 on 19 Dec 09 and that expire on 19 Feb but i found out later that S21 invalid so i give her another one on 19 March and and expire on 19 May . on March and April i got pay direct from HB but and they send the letter payment will be stop. As i call HB they said she doesn't live at the property anymore . while on this mess she doesn't live at the property at all . i would say she left before the tenancy expire . another thing i found out a lot of methadone bottle had left in the cupboard. what should i do the next ? as i feel very stressed with this mess from her .

      thank again .


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