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    Landlord Access Issue

    I wonder if anyone can help with a concern I have regarding my landlord and my AST agreement.

    My partner and I were resting mid afternoon having just returned from a vacation in USA. Our landlord, who knew we had been away, surprised us both by gaining access to the flat causing us both to wake up in fear at first, at the thought of being burgled before ascertaining that it was our landlord who left quickly once challenged without completing whatever they had come to do - which is still unknown.

    During our vacation I had been in contact with our landlord 2 days prior to the above incident and at no point did they notify me of the need to enter the flat (and there was clearly no emergency on the day itself) thus breaking the term of the AST which states:

    "Other than in the case of an emergency, the landlord shall give the tenant not less than 24 hours written notice."

    The relationship we have is poor with our landlord to the extent we would like to end our 1 year AST early - approx 5 months. Do the actions outlined above give due reason for my partner and I to provide 2 months notice of our intention to cancel the agreement? This would leave ample time for replacement tenants to be found.

    Would our deposit be protected?

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

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  • Reply to N5B Form
    by Truth
    Any tips on a good one to use?
    26-06-2022, 22:24 PM
  • N5B Form
    by Truth
    Good Afternoon everyone,
    Its my first post on the site and probably like most first posts on here I am asking for help !
    Without going into too much detail my tenant has decided to stop paying his rent , after I gave him notice to leave, and ignore Section 8 and Section 21 notices sent by...
    24-06-2022, 13:18 PM
  • Reply to N5B Form
    by Truth
    I think I'm going to down the housing solicitor / eviction company route.
    Its going to cost me but this is really bringing me down now in all honesty . I've got a daughter and Mom with very serious health issues and I need to concentrate on them rather than a jerk who's taking me for a ride !...
    26-06-2022, 22:23 PM
  • Reply to Council staying eviction needed
    by Hudson01
    Could not agree more, but given the reluctance of the social sector to '' do the right thing'', we will always be in a battle to get them to house vulnerable people.

    What a sad state of affairs....
    26-06-2022, 20:13 PM
  • Council staying eviction needed
    by lostforwords
    My daughter is a tenant in a house and has been for 7years without any problems for 6 of the years. Last year she had to give up working full time due to health reasons. Since then they've got worse, she suffered a blood clot which leaves her breathless and can't have oxygen as she has a gas hob. She...
    26-06-2022, 14:45 PM
  • Reply to Council staying eviction needed
    by gnvqsos
    The problem here is that the woman was not vulnerable and thus chose the private option. She is now in the wrong sector ,and the landlord is not trained to address such problems....
    26-06-2022, 20:10 PM
  • Reply to Council staying eviction needed
    by Hudson01
    Sad to say it but i would evict them now...... it is coming our way and when it hits the reasons you have will not qualify, as i suspect many others will and only time will show them up in this forum and the wider press.

    Vulnerable individuals should really not be in the PRS, but due to...
    26-06-2022, 20:02 PM
  • Reply to Four tenants in three years!
    by Interlaken
    I do JKO. The price of electric is scary. I have put gas into one of my all electrics but one let recently in BH3 went purely on location (and it's summer)- previous tenant left after 2.5 years mainly due to proposed electric cost.
    My freeholder has not applied for gas to be installed to the...
    26-06-2022, 19:45 PM
  • Four tenants in three years!
    by JK0
    You guys might remember my magnum opus renovating my first flat here in Reading from early 2018 to half way through 2019.

    As shown in the title though, no-one seems to stay longer than their lease. The first lady asked to be released in April 2020, as she was flying home afraid of Covid....
    26-06-2022, 10:45 AM
  • Reply to Prefab construction
    by ash72
    The things I would ask, and try and get answers to are:

    1. Can the property be mortgaged (even with the help of a specialist mortgage broker) if no, then the market for re-selling in the future is limited.
    2. Is the premium for insuring the property more than a traditional,
    26-06-2022, 18:26 PM