Letter to tenant re breach of tenency agreement

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    Letter to tenant re breach of tenency agreement

    Hello everyone,

    I am having a few problems with my tenants in particular regarding their keeping 2 dogs on the premesis in spite of:
    1) completing and signing an application form for the tenency declaring they had no pets

    2) there being a clause in the contract stating they must not keep animals, reptiles or birds at teh property

    I manage the property myself and have been advised by my letting agent that I need to write a letter to my tenant informing them that I am aware of the presence of the dogs and reminding them that they are in breach of the contract. They have told me that I am within my rights to demand that the dogs are removed from the property and the minimum notice I can give for their permanent removal is 2 weeks.

    What I would like to know is , am I within my rights to state that I will require all carpets & curtains to be professionally cleaned to remove traces of the dogs ( carpet is covered in black dog hair) at the end of the tenancy. Plus the damage caused to the garden ( the dogs have dug holes in the lawn and also under the boundary fences) must be made good and put back to the original condition.
    I will be sending the letter by recorded delivery so I know they will receive it, would I be ok to request a written response from the within a deadline to confirm that they will be acting as required? And can I also state that failure to act will result in legal action?

    thank you for reading this far.....I'm desperately in need of some advice on this matter.

    as I understand it you can write the letter etc and if they comply, fine. However if they don't I do not think you will be able to evict them BECAUSE they have decided to keep dogs - section 21 time at the end of the tenancy. You can claim for damaged caused by the dogs etc, but I don't know what "legal action" you can threaten (apart from eviction at end of fixed term).
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      I agree. How much longer is there to run on their fixed term?
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        tenancy ends in March 2011.

        this is the first of a number of issues I have with them. The contract also has a clause about keeping the garden to a reasonable standard, lawn mown, reasonably weed free etc. They've been in the house 2 months and have obviously not done a thing to it other than let the dogs loose in it.

        The dogs and the tenants are causing nuisance to the neighbours to the point whereby the neighbours are feeling seriously intimidated by them and are worried about reprisals if they report them (loud music and noise into early morning, loud arguments, foul and abusive language etc)

        I have also found out that they are planning to leave the country at some point in the next month which is great news, except that they haven't given me any notice regarding the tenancy which makes me believe they are going to do a runner and are also planning a leaving party/ 21st birthday party in the house which they posted on the internet for public to see so I can only imagine what state the property will be in after that.

        I'm really getting stressed about the whole situation, not sure what I can do to protect my property. This was my own home until recently and I intend to live there again in the future


          sadly, the answer is very little (I know it is frustrating, I have been there...)
          Unshackled by the chains of idle vanity, A modest manatee, that's me


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