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  • Is there justice in this......

    I have lived with my nan for two years in her home, looking after her and not claiming carers allowance. Now my dad and uncle the latter having power of attorney demands that i leave the premises dispite my nan is vulnerable and needs me. She is borderline senile dementure.

    I have not worked as been looking after her for the past two years, i do not pay rent but looked after and maintained the property.

    I give her all her medication, cook meals and clean while providing her a safe environment.

    I have no money to leave and am only twenty years old, my father tries to bully me into leaving my nan on her own which would cause her great grief and deteriation in her illness.

    What is power of attorney? And has he the right to make me leave?

    Please Help

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    Power of Attorney vests in another person the authority to act as if he were the person who is currently unable to look after his/her affairs.

    Seek legal advice immiediately. Your uncle can demand you leave the property but whether or not a court would agree is another matter. You could apply to the court of protection to safeguard your nan as it seems to me that your dad and uncle want you out of the way so they can work on nan going into a home and thus enabling sale of the home.


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      'Shelter' may be able to help you. I suggest you contact your council as you may be about to be made homeless. Good luck. Sorry you are in this situation.


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        The Office of the Public Guardian is the body which deals with power of attourney. Quoting from OPG website:

        "If someone is concerned about the actions of an attorney acting under a registered Enduring Power of Attorney or Lasting Power of Attorney...they should contact the Compliance and Regulation Unit of the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG). There is a dedicated phone line for reporting concerns: 020 7664 7734. The OPG can investigate the actions of a Deputy or Attorney and can also refer concerns to other relevant agencies."

        So, basically, ring them up and say that you're concerned that your uncle is not acting in the best interests of your nan.


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