Previous T's works make premises unsafe- new T's rights?

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    Originally posted by property mongrel View Post
    Not necessarily. After building work some cracks can appear and be normal as the new build settles.

    This has issue has been discussed for a few days now with no remedial, preventive or even investigative work apparently carried out. That is the most worrying fact.
    If you look at OP's previous (slightly incomprehensible) thread which I linked to in post #10, you'll see that OP is being moved to temporary accommodation by the housing authority.


      Two threads by the same member have been merged here. Please do not start a new thread if you merely wish to continue a previous discussion or report on subsequent developments. It can cause unnecessary confusion (quite apart from losing the connection with facts previously established or legal points previously explained).


        Originally posted by jeffrey View Post
        Are you a long-leaseholder or a 1988 Act/ 1977 Act tenant?
        Originally posted by westminster View Post
        Apparently a housing association tenant. See OP's previous thread.
        I asked only because the answer might determine whose responsibility the repairs might be.
        Oh, and the other thread has been merged with this one.
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