Just moved, landlord wont refund deposit.

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    Just moved, landlord wont refund deposit.

    I lived in a grotty bedsit for 3 years, it was only £40 a week, and was on benefits for a year, then at college for a year, then signed on for a few months, then worked for 7 months.

    I have all my receipts for time I paid, and letter from council saying the times they paid him.

    I worked out he owes me £34.07 and the £40 deposit, I went in and he only gave me £25 as he claims he doesnt owe the £34.07 at all as the council had a gap in claim last year, and I owed him £15 as I havent paid the £5 electric for 3 weeks.

    I might owe him the £5 as its Due every Wednesday, and I didnt pay it this week as its only 3 days(dont mind paying half)

    I took photos of the flat when I moved in and when I left of all the furniture and fittings.

    What can I do to get the cash back?

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  • Reply to Problematic tenant
    by jpkeates
    Nothing can change the notice period for a s21 notice (other than a change in the law itself), anti social behaviour as grounds for a section 8 notice brings the notice period required to, essentially, two days if posted.
    03-03-2021, 14:31 PM
  • Problematic tenant
    by Sean2204
    Hi guys, new to this forum so please be kind to me. It seems a great fountain of knowledge and I was hoping some of you may be able to advise on a current predicament I have with an existing tenant.

    The tenancy commenced on 8th January 2021 on a 6 month fixed AST.

    The tenant...
    02-03-2021, 14:49 PM
  • Reply to Does Tenant Need 30 days notice?
    by nukecad
    I'd be asking why they say that they are getting less than LHA rate?

    There are a few things that could do that:
    • If the actual rent is less than LHA rate, then only the actual rent is paid. (Doesn't seem to apply here).
    • It they are subject to the benefits cap in UC it's the Housing Element
    03-03-2021, 14:21 PM
  • Does Tenant Need 30 days notice?
    by Mr. Sparkle
    I'm increasing the rent for a tenant on Universal Credit

    They have verbally agreed the rent increase (which is above the LHA rate)

    I'm sending them a letter to confirm the new amount.

    I would like the new start date for payment to be in two weeks (i.e. the new...
    03-03-2021, 09:44 AM
  • Reply to Reference payment
    by 1600e
    I wouldn't fill it in either unless I wanted the tenants gone.
    why should the LA pay?
    It's obvious the tenant should pay for something that long but the government have unintentionally (?) Dicked tenants over in this case.
    03-03-2021, 14:18 PM
  • Reference payment
    by jase222
    I have a tenant who's leaving shortly and a letting agent sent through letter asking for a reference for the tenant, in the letter there was also 4 pages of questions about 120 to be precise.

    I know it will take best part of a hour as quite a few are detailed and require looking...
    03-03-2021, 10:49 AM
  • Reply to Tenants refuse to reply to messages/email and wont sign inventory document
    by landlord-man
    I have a statement on my Inventories which allows the Tenant 7 days following move-in to highlight (in writing) any errors and/or discrepancies within the Inventory provided to them.

    If there are any, I visit with them and agree (or not) to update the Inventory - both parties then sign...
    03-03-2021, 14:08 PM
  • Tenants refuse to reply to messages/email and wont sign inventory document
    by Idlekind
    My tenants moved in in November 2020 amid the corona period. They were moving back from Singapore to the UK in a window in the restrictions. I travelled back to sort the flat ( i live in Spain), but had to leave sooner than planned due to corona restrictions closing flights abroad. I tried to find an...
    28-02-2021, 11:30 AM
  • Reply to Is it an HMO
    by theartfullodger
    It's a HMO. AST is fine but may miss opportunity to list certain responsibilities of tenants. May need licence - check with council.

    Check with council what regulations you need to comply with.
    03-03-2021, 13:43 PM
  • Is it an HMO
    by Enyala
    House has been let to 4 tenants on an AST. They are a couple, plus two single friends. Does this mean it should be an HMO and should not have been let on a AST basis? Your feedback would be much appreciated. TIA.
    03-03-2021, 13:40 PM