help filling in N5B please.

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    help filling in N5B please.

    Can anyone tell me;

    do i delete any part of section 4. I have deleted all of section 5.

    what about section 9 am I best to delete that and attend court if the lady contests.

    Also there are two people on the AST one has legged it leaving the other in dire straights hence talked to the county council who have advised her to get a posession order in order to get social housing. I take it the defendants are still both of them and they both need to be mentioned for a possession order.

    Also do I need to send the court 3 copies (of everything), one for the court, one for each defendant. ( make one for myself) Are photo copies of the N5B Ok?

    Thanks again

    If you delete 5 keep 4.

    Up to you re 9 - I usually leave it and write to the court with any objections if hardship is claimed.

    Both tenants should be named as defendants.

    Send 4 sets of papers to the court. Ask the court to serve both defendants directly, and for then to returned a sealed copy to you for your records. Photocopies are usually fine, but the court would want to have the original for their file. why not photocopy before signing, and then sign all copies?
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