Trouble with LPA Receivers

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    Trouble with LPA Receivers


    I am having some serious problems with the receivers and new landlords of the property im renting.

    I moved into my flat in september of 2009 and the property (containing mine and 3 other flats) was taken on by a receivers in november of '09. I had given all my details and sent off all of my agreements and any paperwork they needed but according to the people i spoke to I couldnt pay any rent because the mortgage holder hadn't said there were 4 individual properties within the house. I called the receivers every week and nothing happened unitil The 1st of May this year. the receivers first said they were looking for a landlord for me then they told me they were my landlord and now they keep switching from one answer to the other. They are looking for rent from me which i have been trying to pay since November and they have lost all my details a number of occasions. they refuse to discuss issues i have with the property, all 4 flats i have been looking after myself and after a break in and new tenants moving in in February, they still do not listen to me. I live here along and I do not feel safe and after having done all the maintianence myself they are still sending letters threatening eviction if i do not send them my details!

    I am just a young girl who lives on her own in a strange town because of university and i have got a job to be able to pay my rent but this and much more bother from the receivers is making me regret ever renting.

    I was just wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to solve this mess?

    Thank you in advance.

    You will still be liable to pay the rent, however, I would keep hold of the money until such time as they have decided whether it should be paid to them or not.

    They are still liable to maintain the property and if they are failing to do this you can arrange for the repairs to be carried out yourself, and then deduct it from what you owe them. You should search on the forum as there are many threads setting out the correct way to claim back any repair charges. Be careful as if you do not follow the procedure correctly you may not be entitled to deduct the sums form the rent owed.
    PAUL GIBBS, solicitor, Jacobs & Reeves. My comments on this forum are correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. No responsibility or liability is accepted by reason of reliance upon such comments. This disclaimer would not apply to direct clients of Jacobs & Reeves where there is a valid retainer in place and I would be happy to confirm any advice if formally instructed. . Jacobs & Reeves now offer a fixed fee possession service.


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