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    tenants about to do a runner

    I have a bit of a tricky situation with my tenants and would really appreciate some legal help & advice please.

    i have a young couple renting my house, they came via my usual leting agent, passed all the referencing checks and are on a 12 month AST.
    I manage the property directly and recently had to get a maintenance visit done which revealed that the tenants are keeping dogs in the house inspite of there being a no pets clause and them having told the agent that they had no pets (house was clearly marketed as no pets)
    This visit was done 5 weeks after they had moved in and besides the dogs, the property was dirty and very untidy, garden becoming unkempt. carpet is filthy and covered in dog hair. House had been handed to them in pretty much imaculate condition - full inventory done and agreed at check in by agent.
    I've spoken to the agent for advice and they have recommended writing a letter to tenants raising breach of contract and requesting removal of the dogs.
    I was about to send the letter however have now discovered that the female tenant is moving to Portugal in 2 months to live ( I can get documentary evidence to support this). I have no idea if they are both going but even if it's just her, she is still named on the contract which is valid for another 10 months
    My gut feeling is that I may be about to get stung by one or both of them - they will disappear leaving me with a filthy house that is possibly damaged and out of pocket for rent.
    I really need some advice about how to handle this - can I start eviction proceedings on the basis of the pets issue to try and get the tenancy sorted out legally before they disappear. I have a deposit which is held in a safe scheme however I'm not sure that it will cover any unpaide rent or damage/ cleaning that will probably occur.

    Please can anyone give me a view or advice?

    The chance of you getting to court within 2 months is slim.
    The chance of her going to court knowing she is leaving the country is nil.
    Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong


      That's what I was thinking/ worrying about. what I'm wondering is how I can try and make the best out of this siutation and try to limit my risks regarding loss through damage/ condition of the property before she goes.

      Would I be best off going ahead and sending the letter about the dogs anyway and if so can I legally include a demand that the carpet is professionally steam cleaned. can I stipulate that this must be done prior to the end of the first quarter of their tenancy (i.e in about 3 weeks) with the first quarterly property inspection being done pretty quickly after?

      As I said in my initial post , would really appreciate any views or advice



        On another listing a landlord who has 55 houses was complaining that 4 of his houses had been trashed by the tenants and his insurance company had refused to renew his insurance. Perhaps if your tenants only leave with a full clean to be done you will have got off lightly. But please bear with me as although I rent out Commercial Property I have only just started renting out a house and I would have thought that it was your managing agent who should be writing the letter, after all surely it is his letter over the breach of your lease which would allow you to keep the deposit, have the place cleaned, deduct the bill from the deposit etc.


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