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    Problems moving into Rented house - Help Please


    We have had a nightmare with trying to move into a rented property that we signed a Tenancy for on 14/05/10 with a letting agent. We signed on the friday to move in the weekend. We had to pay 3 months rent up front (ParFner went Bankr this year) and an admin fee (146.00) AST had be drafted twice before we signed cause they made a mistake which delayed things. We were told there wasn't any contents other then fitted applicances in the kitchen and we signed the AST and Condition of the property form. They handed over the keys and said this it what the tenant gave us! (They assumed that all the keys were there as they hadn't checked).

    We went to the property on Sat morning and found a whole pile of probs inc:

    *Lots of extra marks/damage that hadn't been included in the Condition list.
    *Contents included throughout ie lampshades and curtains/blinds provided in every room.
    *Property not left clean ie skirtings, sills dusty, kitchen: oven, hobs, FF & worktop dirty.
    *No key for rear garage door so we can't move our furniture in. (Front hallway too narrow and entrance to rear has patio doors so it is the only sensible way we can move our furn in)
    *We tested all appliances, couldn't work main oven, boiler didn't work at all hence no hot water or heating.

    I got in touch with the agent yesterday and an electrician sorted the boiler, oven etc. Still haven't got garage key.

    As a result I went into the the agents today and told them about all the probs and said that we want a rent refund for a week as we still haven't been able to move in and they didn't do their job in getting the property ready for us to move in in the first place. We don't see that it is fair to pay rent for time went to can't live there. We want to move in the on Fri if they can get the key for us by then. I also asked for a refund of the admin fee as they hadn't completed the paperwork and made so many errors, not to mention wasted our time.

    The agent seems very reluctant to refund the rent or the admin fee. They have only offered to do another condition list and contents list which I did point out that they could only do if we haven't already moved in!

    Can anyone give any advice about this as I am very stressed out about this.



    I spoke to the agent cause they didn't call me back (suprise suprise)

    Agent is coming to the house tommorrow to record a new schedule of condition to make sure they record everything but I still don't know if the key has been sorted out.

    Hopefully I can get somewhere with them soon. We may speak to the LL directly about getting the rent refund as the agent probably hasn't filled them in on the whole story. With the admin fee I still think we have the right to get a refund for this because they should have done their job properly and they simply haven't. They need to learn from this so they don't keep doing it to other new tenants.


      Originally posted by cara09 View Post
      With the admin fee I still think we have the right to get a refund for this because they should have done their job properly and they simply haven't. They need to learn from this so they don't keep doing it to other new tenants.
      They have no reason to give you a refund.
      Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong


        It is unprofessional of the LL and his agent to expect you to move into an unclean house where some things do not work properly, but it sounds as though you signed the contract without seeing the property. I'm afraid you are paying the price for that. From your description it does not sound as though you really could not move in. Dusty windowsills do not render property was uninhabitable, and it appears the electrical appliances were attended to promptly enough.

        I would put your concerns in writing directly to the LL and ask him for a refund (he is not obliged to give you one, but may choose to, to preserve goodwill). If nothing else he may challenge his agent's handling of the check-in.
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          I can only echo the above comments, you have done what you need too, although to be honest i would have taken this action years ago, if you have never liked all the smoke then why put up with it for so long...... I would be very unhappy about all the smoke but i would seriously consider selling both...
          13-05-2021, 19:42 PM
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          by theartfullodger
          Sympathy! Don't forget to advise tenants to pursue the agent's complaints process and when that process fails - (I can foresee the future) - to use the lettings agent redress scheme. See here advice from Mssrs Shelter..

          Good luck:...
          13-05-2021, 19:34 PM
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          Would be grateful for thoughts on this. Daughter signed student tenancy for next academic year on Monday this week. LL shown as an individual with the same name as the letting agency. Yesterday she was told that the LL wishes to self manage and to change her standing order payment to an investment company...
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          by Jon66
          Yes I agree with the above. Make sure you have complied with statutory requirements to ensure any s21 is valid.
          13-05-2021, 18:59 PM
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          by ash72
          You have been provided the advice by your legal council, if you want them out seek possession of the property (do it before S21 is removed), you need to now moved to the next stage which is put in an application for possession, then finally bailiffs. I would also stop complaining to the T's it is harassment,...
          13-05-2021, 17:44 PM
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          by DPT57
          She wouldn't be able to rent it straight away anyway if you carry out referencing, (which you should), as this takes a few days. I get people to complete an application form too. A lot of prospective tenants are flaky on OR. Some promise to call you and you never hear from them again, even if you try...
          13-05-2021, 17:38 PM
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          Hi, I am just a new landlord who is renting our first property using openrent. I do need some advice from you.

          We had a very lovely lady to view our house. She looked love our property and wanted to take it straight away. Because she came alone (her partner was working), my husband advised...
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          "If the new tenancy is for a lesser rent, the tenant will remain liable to pay an amount equal to the difference between the original rent and new lower rental figure up to the end of the original fixed term."

          I read in a similar post that such a clause might not be enforceab...
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          Good afternoon and thanks for taking the time to read my post.

          Back in October, I found replacement tenants to take over my joint AST (without break clause) which would have run until this July. Because of Covid, I could only find someone who was willing to pay about £400 pcm less than...
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