Mortgage company tried to evict tenant

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    Mortgage company tried to evict tenant

    Mortgage company tried to evict tenant


    My family and I underook a 6m assured tenancy in March 2006. We paid £1000 deposit, £700 rent in advance, and have made monthly payments of £700 to our Landlord by standing order.

    At the beginning of June, we recieved a "Notice of Eviction" from our County Court- (Addressed to the Landlord and Occupiers).

    We contacted the landlord via the letting agency, who subsequently sent text messages, assuring us that this was a mistake.

    I contacted the court, and the solicitors for the mortgage company on several occasions, who, at the time, informed us that the eviction was to take place in early July. It would appear that the landlord was in arrears with his mortgage.

    We obtained our advice from a lawyer, via the CAB, who explained that our rights were very limited.

    By the end of June, the mortgage companies solicitor sent further advice, stating that the baillifs action had been cancelled. (it would appear that the landlord had paid his rent)

    In the meantime, my family and I have been making arrangements to live elswehere- we are due to move into another property in August.

    I have witheld the rent payment which was due in late June, as I considered that the landlord had breached his agreement with us.

    I'm new to this forum, (and to renting), and I'd appreciate advice re my liabilities. (The contract is due to expire in late Sept.)

    Sorry to post twice, my original post appears to have been mixed up with another issue

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