legal issues with subletting?

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    legal issues with subletting?


    Is it legal to sublet a residential property as long as I have the landlords consent to do so?

    If I was to take full responsibility for rent, deposits etc and then look to sublet myself would there need to be a different contract drawn up from the normal AST?

    Any help on this subject would be most appreciated!

    Also any landlords what are your thoughts on this subject?

    It has come to my attention that they are a number of props in my area that are struggling to be let out. Surely it is better to let them out to one trustworthy individual who then can deal with the property themeselves and the risk attached than leave the property empty.

    You can sublet - but the agreement you have with the landlord would not be an AST.

    You would have to make sure that the agreement you had with the LL allowed you sufficient time to legally evict any tenants you placed in the properties.

    You would be responsible for the rent owing to your landlord, even if your tenants didn't pay you - likewise, you would be responsible for damages caused by your tenants, even if you were unable to recover the costs from them.

    Then there are issues of insurance, tax, deposit protection, and no doubt many more.


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