Self-management of BTL (dismiss Letting Agent)

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    started a topic Self-management of BTL (dismiss Letting Agent)

    Self-management of BTL (dismiss Letting Agent)


    My name is Brian, I'm wanting to let my beautiful house out as I'm moving in with my girlfriend. It breaks my heart as I renovated it to the highest standards thinking I would live there forever - yada yada! that's life!

    So in a few months I'm planning on moving out and trying to rent the place out. First off I'll be local so I'm happy to maintain the place and source tradesmen when I need to, so I'm thinking of using an estate agent simply to find me tenenats and check them out. The agent I have been speaking to charges 75% of the first months rent to source a tenant. In my case this would be about £900 which is a lot. What I'm worried about is that my tennants are moving out every 6 months so I end up paying out loads of cash to the agent. So my questions are as follows -

    1. is it practical to find tennants yourself? adverts in papers etc...?

    2. I have seen lots of places that do checks on tenants to make sure they are who they say they are - is there a good recomended company for this?

    3. If I were to decide not to use an agent how would I go about getting a contract or tenancy agreement drawn up?

    Please feel free to give me any advice as I'm new to all this.

    Many Thanks


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