Possession Order and Judgement for arrears

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    Possession Order and Judgement for arrears

    Ive been given a Possession Order and judgement for arrears. Tenant left with £2000 of rent arrears, (and £3000 damages). Question is what do I do now?

    Ive written to joint tenants and advised them of the Judgement and said I want to be paid within 1 week. No money received, obviously.

    One tenant I believe is working, the other is on benefits, They had mother as guarantor.

    What do I do next to get my money?

    Finding information is making my head hurt but it seems I need to fill in Form N316 to find out financial information.
    What questions should I ask?
    Should I just do a money claim for the Guarantor?


    If you do the N316 there is a standard set of questions asked, you dont have to ask any extras, but you can.

    If you know where one of the "judgement debtors" is working, then you can attempt to obtain an attachment of earnings.

    If you think either of them have any assets that are worth selling, then it might be worth sending the bailiffs in.

    If you can get their bank details (from rent cheques?) then you can have their bank accounts frozen.

    If all this fails, then yes you can claim against the guarantor - you may have to do the above with them too


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      Why "in light of the minimal tenancy paperwork" do you think you will have a difficult time retrieving the money owed from the tenant?

      As above, check the Section 21 is valid, see link to flow chart below. If the Section 21 is valid and the tenant is still in the property then...
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      Another vote for sell unless being a landlord is something you are particularly interested in doing. Yes, you can use a letting agency to manage the lets but ultimately the buck stops with you and in my experience a lot of letting agencies out there are pretty crap. Plus as a higher rate tax payer...
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      by Hudson01
      Ok before you even consider what the agent did or did not do you need to get a handle on exactly what the tenancy says, if the s21 was valid and what the intentions of YOUR tenant are, you need them out asap, a lot of agents are utterly useless, are you located far away from the property and is that...
      25-01-2022, 15:58 PM
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      The work that they do would effectively be rent.
      But the letting rules for agricultural workers are different - but that's about the extent of my knowledge.
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      Unless you've always wanted to be a landlord, I'd sell them and use the money to do something different.

      Being a landlord at some distance is not easy, and being a landlord isn't all gravy either.
      It's not something to do just because an opportunity comes up.
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