Are these people lodgers?

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    Are these people lodgers?

    Hi, started this at the end of someone else's thread, but think it needs one of its own. Thanks to the person who answered me on that thread.

    Would the people I refer to as lodgers actually be lodgers?

    They live in a house owned by myself and my husband and have their own rooms with shared facilities. We do not live there. However, our son does, and it was his home as well as ours before we moved out. The lodgers' rent comes into my bank account and I then transfer it to another account which pays most of the household bills. My son pays no rent (he pays the rest of the bills) and I classify him as my unofficial agent.

    Seeing as how the house is, and has been all his life apart from a gap of two years, his main home, do the other occupants class as lodgers even though the rent comes to me?

    In a nutshell, No.

    A logder is someone who occupies part of someone elses home and pays rent to that person. These people do not occupy part of your home and do not pay rent to your son.

    They may be tenants or they may be licencees.
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