Tenancy of room in friend's house; but he's died

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    Originally posted by sabir View Post
    am I doing any thing against law? one of the tenancy note says cleary one year notice is required to vocate my room.what you will do in this situation if you are falesly accused oraly abused and harrased by his relitives for greed to just get my friend's house.Shall I just shaw them my good moral and get out?
    many thanks for your advise
    Whilst it is not acceptable for your friend's beneficiaries to abuse and harass you (and you should seek advice from a Citizen's Advice Bureau or Shelter), it is unfair to accuse them of greed; they have (presumably) inherited the property and they now own it and are entitled to seek to regain possession via proper legal means.

    You say you "pay a small yearly advance rent" - it's quite possible that it is so low as to make you an excluded occupier (with no protection from eviction) even though the late landlord is no longer resident.

    You may or may not be entitled to one year's notice; but even if you are, you can and will eventually be evicted, so if you're hoping to stay put forever, forget it. Your friend's beneficiaries will evict you sooner or later.



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