Is tenant blackmailing landlord?

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    Originally posted by westminster View Post
    I am assuming you are the landlord.

    If you have an inventory check-in report signed by the T, then get the same company to do a check-out report (which doesn't have to be signed off by T), as soon as possible after T leaves. If that is going to be Sunday (which I'm surprised at given that you've said T is refusing to move out) then arrange it for Monday, and on Sunday take extensive photographs, including in the photos a legible newspaper headline placed somewhere in the property, which will prove the date. Assuming the check-in was a detailed professional report, you should then have sufficient evidence to support any claims for loss/damage.

    If T does not move out on Sunday, you should immediately start possession proceedings (if you haven't already - it would have been the obvious thing to do when T didn't leave at the end of the contract).

    You have not, so far, indicated what the financial position of the T is - though the fact that the rent is over £25K pa, and you do not mention any rent owing, and say T may be arranging to move to a nearby property, and the agents involved would appear to be willing for this to happen, all suggest that T has sufficient income to pay rent on the new place. So it would seem this whole performance is designed simply to try to get himself off the hook for damage to the property (as opposed to trying to get away with not paying rent etc) - is that the case?

    You are, I trust, aware that deposit protection is not necessary for non-assured shorthold tenancies.
    Hi Westminister,

    The ll created the inventory from a previous inventory checkout report and the t made a few more hand written amendments before signing. The contract says the t must pay for any check out report at the end of tenancy though since the t expects not to pay it is irrelevant them organising it.

    Your reasoning is correct and rent is up to date unless a new month starts on Monday. It is the case that he has created this scenario just to avoid paying for any damage as opposed to rent so far.

    The ll intends to take pictures as described but is naturally concerned with returning a deposit and then trying to get it back. The agent who holds the DPS account is not prepared to pass the account to the ll either which I find very strange.

    As always I am thankful for any advice or guidance.



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