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    section 8 notice


    I am in the process of filling out a section 8 notice using grounds 8,10 and 11 to my tenant who has not paid his rent now for 3 months. Have come to question 4 which asks for a full explanation of why each ground is being relied on. Help!!! Can someone please let me know how I should legally word this. I don,t want to get it wrong!!!

    Thanks so much.

    I'm not aware of any legal way of wording it, but here's a form of simple wording that I use. You can add/delete as appropriate, but at least the basic info will be there.

    Gnd 8: The Tenant pays rent (monthy/weekly), and at least (two months/8 weeks) rent is unpaid. The (monthly/weekly) rent being (£pcm), and the total outstanding rent being £(amount owing).

    Gnd 10: The Tenant owes £(amount owing) which is rent lawfully due and is unpaid on the date on which this notice is served. This is increasing at a rate of £(daily rate) per day.

    Gnd 11: The Tenant has persistently delayed paying the full rent due since (taking up tenancy of the property on) (AST start date) and this inspite of reminders requesting full payment.

    [delete/fill in sections in (blue) in as applicable].



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