Tenancy Deposit Scheme - tenants disappeared!

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    Tenancy Deposit Scheme - tenants disappeared!

    My tenant recently left the property at the end of a AST. The tenancy was arranged by a letting agency and they held the deposit in an approved scheme. The tenant was checked in and checked out by third party company and the check out report identifies a number of items that the tenant is responsible for putting right (cleaning, redocoration, breakages etc). These I have had quotes on and the total cost is approx £900. The agency say I need to get the tenant to agree to this amount being deducted from the deposit before they will reimburse me. Unfortunately the tenant has left the country and I only have email addresses for him none of which he responds to. Likewise the agency only have the same email addresses and he does not reply to them either.

    My question is how do I get my costs refunded from his deposit if he won't communicate? Of course he won't get his deposit back either but he does not seem bothered! the inventory company provide an arbitration service but can they arbitrate in his absence?

    According to the check out report the tenant has agreed with the inventory clerk that he is responsible for some of these costs but obviously at that point did not know the amounts.

    Contact the deposit scheme. They will have a procedure for dealing with this situation. For example, this is the DPS's



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