Help needed on notice clauses for AST

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    Help needed on notice clauses for AST

    Hi all,

    I have obtained what I think is a standard AST agreement to be signed by our tenant. I am a bit unsure if the notice clauses are sufficient. They refer to only the following:

    1. Service of Notices are governed by LPA 1925
    2. Allows notice under s.21 HA (2 months)
    3. Allows notice under Grounds 1 (LL requires property as principal home) and 2 (Mortgagee repossessing property) of Sched 2 HA 1988.

    I have read posts about s.8 notices - are these included in the above?

    Any advice gratefully received.

    The notice will make reference to the 1988 Housing Act (probably right at the start) and tht encompasses s8.


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