claimant company name or my name?

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  • claimant company name or my name?

    on the online pcol i've filled in, it has my full name as the claimant

    my company name is the landlord, so shouldnt it be the claimant? thats the name on the contract

    if so, it doesnt seem to give me the option of adding my company name, as when i register at the start it ask for my full name

    please advise, thanks

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    Originally posted by WarwickGrad View Post
    on the online pcol i've filled in, it has my full name as the claimant

    my company name is the landlord, so shouldnt it be the claimant? thats the name on the contract

    if so, it doesnt seem to give me the option of adding my company name, as when i register at the start it ask for my full name

    please advise, thanks
    If you are saying XXXX Ltd is the owner of the property and therefore the landlord, then yes XXXX Ltd is the claimant. Can't advise on the online form filling, though - ring the customer helpline.


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      yes the details for the claiment should be the landlord name i.e. what is stated on the tenancy agreement.

      I always fill these in for my clients and list either their names or their company name as the claimant - whatever is on the contract is correct.


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        on the online form it asks 'to add a delegate' and to fill in a 'direct debit mandate', before i can progress with my claim

        can someone explain this to me? if not, ill call customer services tomo, thanks


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          Ive filled in a few PCOL's in my time and never been asked to sign a DD form. Whats the DD for?

          you pay on line once you press submit.

          Never been asked to add a delegate either.


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            on this page, i've clicked on the right one, as the claimant is my company - here it asks for the info i've mentioned


            i guess your doing your claims via the left link, individual claimant? here it doesnt ask for info at the start


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              you are an indivdual claimant you are not a

              I am an organisation without legal representation that issues claims for possession of residential rented or mortgaged property.

              this I believe is for companies that provide a service to Landlord to carry out possesion claims on their behalf but who are not solicitors


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                aha...thank you

                the problem why i thought it was that option is because via the individual claimant link, it doesnt allow me to add my company

                i'm on the last page now and it has my name as the claimant

                any ideas how i can edit this and add my company name instead of my name?

                its taken me all day to do, but LZ has taught me a lot today, i'm v thankful!


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                  you should be able to save it all and go back and edit it

                  If not then I would prob register again and set up another one and just copy the info over.

                  A lot of my clients have their properties under the business names so I always just add this same as the claimant and never had a problem putting a company name down.

                  Hope this works


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                    thanks poppy, i re registered and its all done!

                    are they going to email me a hearing date now? how long should this take?

                    what paperwork do i need to bring to the hearing so ensure it all goes smoothly?

                    should i post them anything before the hearing? ie. rent statement, s8 notice, contract etc.?


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                      generally you should get an email reply within a few days giving you a date for the hearing.

                      I have never submitted paperwork before a hearing however I always prepare 2 packs to take to the court . In each pack you should have the AST, all notices, any appropriate letters, recorded delivery slips, deposit protection certificate, LGSC. I label these A, B, C etc and then pop a Schedule of Contents on the front listing A - AST dated ......, B - Deposit protection cert

                      It makes everything easy to get at and stops you fumbling around in front of the judge (just call them sir or madam).

                      Hope this helps.


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