Landlord in debt gets rental house re-posessed

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    Landlord in debt gets rental house re-posessed

    A couple of weeks ago a young woman viewed my almost ready 2 bed flat but I turned her down when I realised she had a baby and a pit bull type of dog which she wanted to keep in the courtyard garden (the dog that is).

    Yesterday she dropped a note in begging that I would re-consider - I won't but what has happend to her is distressing for her. She took a flat in a large house nearby, paid a deposit which her landlord has not protected. She has also paid rent/benefit regularly but yesterday got a letter from a bailiff and RBS giving her and the other tenants 9 days to leave as they were being 'evicted'. RBS had a court order to re-posess the house as landlord had not paid his mortgage. This was the first the tenants had heard of any of this. All tenants have AST's taken out at various times.

    Surely a section 21 can not be used on her as she has no protected deposit so how can RBS/bailiff actually evict her as quickly as this (and the others) or are they just flying a kite?

    The girl has been offered immdediate help at a night shelter but she has refused this.

    Freedom at the point of zero............

    There are many threads about this sad situation. A mortgagee has powers (ground 2) even during the fixed term.
    Also see this thread, re some palliative measures (not yet in force):
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      I suppose it doesn't matter, but I don't see how she can be "regularly" paying rent after being there for 2 weeks.
      I've never known a HB claim up and running, and in regular payments within 2 weeks.
      Allow tenants to protect their own deposits. I want free money when they do it wrong


        I have worked out is was 4 weeks since she viewed my place and she paid her rent to the other landlord herself until HB kicked in. I did see proof of the payments. She did have the support of mother (who I vaguely know) and ex partner who had decided to go home to his Mum as he was fed up with supporting girlfriend, baby and dog in a rented bung. Bless. Hope this clarifies things for you Saint.

        Jeffrey thanks for that link - have printed it to share with those affected.

        Freedom at the point of zero............


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        • Reply to Joint tenancy agreement, 1 tenant has already moved out
          by DoricPixie
          In the opening post you said there was 6 month fixed term AST with both your niece and her now-ex-partner named as joint tenants. Now you are saying there was never a tenancy agreement drawn up.

          With the benefit of hindsight it would have been better if you'd had your niece pay money into...
          27-10-2021, 06:33 AM
        • Joint tenancy agreement, 1 tenant has already moved out
          by Yorkie2020
          Good evening all,

          I wonder if I could get some advice on ending an AST tenancy in England.

          Originally a 6 month AST last Sept between my niece and her partner, I foolishly listed both on the AST as joint tenants and didn't list him as a permitted, there was no deposit paid....
          20-10-2021, 19:44 PM
        • Reply to Joint tenancy agreement, 1 tenant has already moved out
          by Yorkie2020
          Guess I've been very lucky this time. My niece has informed her partner that she is ending the tenancy and signing up for a new one in her name only and he is ok with it. She did point out that he will no longer be responsible for any more rent or bills when it's totally in her name.
          27-10-2021, 02:02 AM
        • Reply to Increasing rent
          by jpkeates
          There may be something on the NRLA website, but I don't know of a standard template.

          To be honest that clause doesn't seem to help you a lot, it stops you using a s13 notice (I'd wrongly assumed that because it said "may" you'd be able to) but doesn't actually help you with an...
          26-10-2021, 17:37 PM
        • Increasing rent
          by Berlingogirl
          Tenancy start date May 2020 in England. 6 month initial AST.
          My tenancy agreement says
          “The landlord may increase the rent after the first 52 weeks of the tenancy…..”
          Is there a specific form I should use?...
          26-10-2021, 13:33 PM
        • Reply to Increasing rent
          by Berlingogirl
          Thanks jpkeates, I looked at the form 13 but that’s for if you don’t have anything in your tenancy agreement with regard to a rent increase. Is there a pro forma for a rent increase if there is a condition in your TA?
          26-10-2021, 17:05 PM
        • Reply to Increasing rent
          by jpkeates
          If the tenancy is now an SPT, and you want to be ever so formal (and impose the increase without any agreement), search for form 13 (which is called something else on the government's tenancy forms page).

          Otherwise, you just need to get the tenant to agree and start paying the new rent...
          26-10-2021, 13:58 PM
        • Reply to Advanced rent and S21 Notices
          by jpkeates
          It is quite likely that the 2 additional months might be seen as a deposit, unless the tenancy agreement is very specific about the initial payment being for months 1, 5 and 6.

          If it is a deposit, you won't be able to use a s21 notice without returning it and the deposit will be unlawful...
          26-10-2021, 08:35 AM
        • Advanced rent and S21 Notices
          by Shorif908
          Hi All,

          I have recently had new tenants move in.
          the estate agent did the whole thing and put them in.

          The arrangement with rent payments was this. 6 months AST Tennants pay last 3 months rent in advance and then make 3 monthly payments in advance. Ie start of the month....
          26-10-2021, 08:06 AM
        • Reply to Advanced rent and S21 Notices
          by Lesney Park
          BUT to answer your question, yes the 3 months very much look like an unlawful deposit, being for a non-defined period (the last 3 months of a tenancy). If it is for a specific 3 months, its a bit lesss grey but then I'm wondering what you hope to achieve...
          26-10-2021, 08:35 AM