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  • dazalock
    If I had a place that would be void for 2 weeks then thats all part of the game. Recently I had a couple move out and knowing I would have it void for at least a month, because I would have to get in there and repaint it before I viewed it to prospective tenants, I rented it to a work collegue who would want in the day after the others moved out and then allow me to paint the place and make it nice. I dropped the rent £50 a month to do this. The way I looked at it, no voids, no ads, no viewings and someone I could trust. Everyone happy.

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  • Ericthelobster
    started a topic A-voiding voids!

    A-voiding voids!

    Just interested to hear about other LL's policies and experience on this, especially from those who say they've never had a void between tenancies in X years...

    My standard 6-month AST runs from 1st of the month to the 11:00 on the last day of the final month (specific dates are stated), with the aim of turning the place round within the day when tenants change. I also insist on the months' notice to quit being given on a rent day, and separately insist on that rent day will be the first of the month (not sure if I'm on thin ice with either stipulation?).

    What I'm particularly interested in knowing is, if you're showing a prospect a property which becomes empty in say 3 weeks, do you normally keep that as the date when the prospect would have to start paying rent if he wants the place, or if they can't/don't want to move in for, say 4-5 weeks do you acquiesce and just lose the rent for the intervening period?

    I'm sure this depends on many factors such as 'quality' of the new tenants and state of the rental market, but I'm wondering what prospective tenants' expectations are under these circumstances?

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