L granted 14-day possession but T refuses to vacate

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    L granted 14-day possession but T refuses to vacate

    Need some more of this forums assistance please.

    Went to court and was awarded possession on mandatory ground 8 of S8.

    14 Day Notice to T has expired.

    Spoke with T who said court advised her I need to issue a bailiff warrant to remove them if not moved by this date.

    T wants to setup a legal framework to repay debt but has been advised by the court this is not possible until I raise a warrant.

    I'd like the money to be repaid by the T, but getting possession of the property is my main priority at present.

    Do I fill out the N325 to regain possession?
    (Only ask because this includes amount owed but I want Bailiff to enter property and turf T out without them having the option to dispute, slow down process of pretending to pay money back)

    Will T offering to pay - slow down the process of Bailiffs?


    Yes, you need to organise bailiffs

    No, an offer to pay will not delay things - this should have been dealt with at the possession hearing.


      Thanks Snorkerz,
      I knew I had to get a bailiff just wasnt sure if T could slow down the eviction process.

      Spoke with Court who said T will try appeal a day before date of eviction to slow it down, but the court takes a dim view on this practise and rush through the hearing (sounds good in theory - but not sure how swift they are to arrange this).


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      • Reply to Section 21 issued with new tenancy
        by MdeB
        My experience:
        1. The only S21 notice I have issued, the tenants left when the notice period ended.
        2. A friend of my wife received a S21 notice (it appeared invalid in about 8 ways when she gave me details) after sho posted on her social media page a photo and question about mould in her toddler's bedroom.
        18-09-2020, 19:40 PM
      • Section 21 issued with new tenancy
        by fmST1
        When a new tenant moves into a property, I get them to sign a section 21 so that if whatever reason things don’t work out, the necessary paperwork is already in place.
        I’ve never had a need to exercise this yet, but would it work?...
        11-09-2020, 08:43 AM
      • Reply to Part furnished
        by jpucng62
        So what do they do with their furniture between these 'owned houses'?

        Just because you experience is different to mine doesn't make my view of renters any stranger than yours. It is based on 20 years of tenants who have all happily supplied their own furniture. I accept that it is not a...
        18-09-2020, 19:37 PM
      • Part furnished
        by Chester Perry
        Our property was let part furnished however upon leaving the Ex. tenant took it upon himself to relieve us of the white goods and wooden blinds.

        The dishwasher, washing machine, 2 x fridge freezers and wooden blinds throughout were actually ones purchased when the property was our main...
        18-09-2020, 13:34 PM
      • Reply to Tenant taking issue with "lateness" of inspection.
        by cuttingman
        It's not their fault they are on holiday when you want to inspect. Hopefully they don't install some hidden cameras and you can prove the notice of inspection was received by the tenant.

        It's a good thing the girl doesn't have a hearing problem and was having a shower when you walked in...
        18-09-2020, 19:34 PM
      • Tenant taking issue with "lateness" of inspection.
        by SamCartman
        We gave 4 working days notice to our tenant of entry to inspect, and specified 2pm to meet with them at the property.
        We arrived 20-25 minutes late due to traffic and rung the doorbell with no answer, so we used our keys to get in and ran a brief inspection in their absence which was fine. ...
        18-09-2020, 15:43 PM
      • Reply to Tenant taking issue with "lateness" of inspection.
        by AndrewDod
        Well the words you use "tenants agreed that it would be okay and would be at home" does NOT suggest a simple permission to enter.

        I'm not 100% sure what you are aiming for here - but I would just apologise and say that you will clarify the extent of permission next time....
        18-09-2020, 19:32 PM
      • Reply to Housing First - what are your thoughts?
        by MdeB
        If you are imminently implementing it, then isn't it a bit late to be seeking landords' views?

        Does that have any inherent meaning, or is it from a buzzword generator?

        I think this is the wrong place to be looking for landlords that might be willing to...
        18-09-2020, 19:19 PM
      • Housing First - what are your thoughts?
        by LandlordLiaisonOfficer

        I work for a homeless charity and I am hoping you don't mind me bending your ear and gaining some landlord insight on a model we are imminently implementing for some of our service users.

        Traditional housing models within the homeless sector require the service user...
        18-09-2020, 12:32 PM
      • Reply to Tenant taking issue with "lateness" of inspection.
        by SamCartman
        So are you saying that if we arrange an appointment and, for whatever reason, either we or they were late or early, that we have to specifically state in advance that we will use our keys in order to enter?

        What would happen if we gave them 24 hours notice and they were away or on holiday,...
        18-09-2020, 18:59 PM