L granted 14-day possession but T refuses to vacate

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    L granted 14-day possession but T refuses to vacate

    Need some more of this forums assistance please.

    Went to court and was awarded possession on mandatory ground 8 of S8.

    14 Day Notice to T has expired.

    Spoke with T who said court advised her I need to issue a bailiff warrant to remove them if not moved by this date.

    T wants to setup a legal framework to repay debt but has been advised by the court this is not possible until I raise a warrant.

    I'd like the money to be repaid by the T, but getting possession of the property is my main priority at present.

    Do I fill out the N325 to regain possession?
    (Only ask because this includes amount owed but I want Bailiff to enter property and turf T out without them having the option to dispute, slow down process of pretending to pay money back)

    Will T offering to pay - slow down the process of Bailiffs?


    Yes, you need to organise bailiffs

    No, an offer to pay will not delay things - this should have been dealt with at the possession hearing.


      Thanks Snorkerz,
      I knew I had to get a bailiff just wasnt sure if T could slow down the eviction process.

      Spoke with Court who said T will try appeal a day before date of eviction to slow it down, but the court takes a dim view on this practise and rush through the hearing (sounds good in theory - but not sure how swift they are to arrange this).


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