sorry another deposit question!

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    sorry another deposit question!

    hi, i have to leave soon and the landlord will be coming round to inspect before giving me my deposit back.there was no inventory done. there are a few problems some on which are my fault and others not.i have been here two and a half years.the problems are

    1) broken bathroom window-it had a small crack in it when i moved in and over time it has spread.

    2) holes in bedroom wall- they are patched up by me as the plaster fell off the wall 2 years ago and was slowly crumbling away leading to water coming in from under the window.i asked my landlord to fix this many times at first he just kept putting it off and then he refused to do any repairs.

    3) stained carpets- well these are my fault well my kids fault but you cant help that can you!

    4) discoloured lino in the kitchen-this is due to a leaking roof and the fact that when he fixed the bath by resealing he didnt do it properly

    5)a few little burn marks in the kitchen and living room on the floors -thanks to careless friends.

    how much do you think he can demand out of the deposit?

    thanks for any advice

    No Inventory = No (legitimate) deposit retention!

    Mind you, you might have to take the landlord to the small claims court to recover it if doesn't play ball but the judge will expect to see comparative evidence from the landlord and there doesn't appear to be any. I ignored the list of dilapidations as soon as I saw there was no inventory.
    The advice I give should not be construed as a definitive answer, and is without prejudice or liability. You are advised to consult a specialist solicitor or other person of equal legal standing.


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