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    rent increase

    Hi everyone,

    Just a quick piece of advice needed, I am a tennant and have a 12 month tennancy contract which is about to expire in two months my landlord wants to keep me as a tennant and extend the contract (or should I say give me a notice of eviction and start me on a new contract) but increase the rent from £850 to £1100.

    In my original contract it says this

    9.2 Rent Review
    9.2.1 In the case of tenancies in excess of 12 months, it is agreed that the rent as defined in this Agreement will be reviewed in an upwards only fashion on the anniversary of this tenancy and upon each subsequent anniversary in line with the Retail Price Index (RPI) increases for the previous 12 months and subject to a minimum of 3% and a maximum of 7.5%.

    Does this just mean if I had a 2 year contract he would be bound by this or does this apply to me even though my contract is only 12 months and I want to stay.

    I do agree I'm paying slightly below market value, as I moved in to this new build when there was still building work going on for his other properties, but I'm a good tennant

    Thankyou very much,


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  • Reply to Greetings, I Come in Peace
    by davetg
    "I see a theme here :-) What is your experience with people on benefits?"

    I have been renting properties for over 20 years initially to mixture of working and benefit tenants. I have had to evict 3 tenants - all of them on benefits. This has cost me about £12,000 in lost rent...
    21-01-2022, 11:49 AM
  • Greetings, I Come in Peace
    by AVJ113
    Hello all, I am a prospective landlord. I will be arranging my first mortgage in principle today as a start to my evil buy-to-let empire. As a total newb, what would be the one piece of advice you would give after your years of experience as a landlord?
    20-01-2022, 07:24 AM
  • Reply to Occupational rent to an executor.
    by jpkeates
    It would be different now, your sister owns half the house, and if you're living in all of it, she can claim rent for the half she owns.
    She wouldn't be making money from your mother's estate, which has now been divided up.

    She won't succeed unless there's some other circumstance...
    21-01-2022, 11:27 AM
  • Occupational rent to an executor.
    by Yoda 111
    I am currently living in my deceased mother's house which I have lived in for 46 years my sister is the executor of the Will. My mother died in February 2020 so nearly 2 years ago and now my sister want's to charge me occupational rent from the time of death up until grant of probate was granted may...
    20-01-2022, 19:44 PM
  • Reply to Greetings, I Come in Peace
    by Turbine Terry
    In a large nutshell and apologies for going off thread topic. Rental yields in my area (and many areas) have risen, particularly in the last year or 2. Even though house prices have gone up, rental prices have increased at a faster rate, so a better return on investment is being achieved lately....
    21-01-2022, 10:57 AM
  • Reply to Occupational rent to an executor.
    by Yoda 111
    Thanks for your reply's and time , it's a difficult situation especially when it's a sibling trying to get more money out of me.
    She wants 50% of the current rental value from me for herself which is clearly making a profit from my mother's estate which there was never any agreement made between...
    21-01-2022, 10:53 AM
  • Reply to Labour taxation plans
    by jpkeates
    The problem with capitalism is that, eventually, other people run off with your money.
    21-01-2022, 10:45 AM
  • Labour taxation plans
    by steaming
    Rachel Reeves R4 this am told the interviewer that Labour (when in power) would raise money by taxing those with BTL property much more than at present, she opined it was wrong that “they” were “getting away with it”. No challenge from BBC or fact check as to present tax. You are warned.
    20-01-2022, 16:55 PM
  • Reply to Labour taxation plans
    by boletus
    The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples' money.
    21-01-2022, 10:14 AM
  • Reply to Auction or try to sell in an estate agent
    by Lawcruncher
    "a company has offered to do this for me - saying they would pay me £180000- about 40k less than asking price I was offered last year" sounds like: "We will buy the property for £180000 and before the ink is dry on the cheque will have sold it to someone else for £220000."...
    21-01-2022, 10:01 AM