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    Ex Landlord nightmare

    Hello. Im really hoping someone can help me, because I'm worrying myself sick over this This is long... please stay with me on this one. Seriously, it would be greatly appreciated.
    FIRSTLY can I say I stay in Scotland- so we don't have the deposit protection scheme England has.

    I've just moved out of a flat I rented for six months. It was my first time renting, and the landlord was (excuse the professional language) a bloody nightmare.
    The shower door handle broke off (meaning I had to climb over the top to get in), taps became loose, the boiler stopped working, the kettle blew up...
    He'd say he'd be in touch about repairing this, that and the next thing- but he'd set days to come round and make "repairs" and then keep putting it off. It got to the stage I was phoning him at least once a day, and there was a time he said he'd "Get it fucking sorted" and called me "Fucking paranoid", and would just keep ignoring my calls or hanging up on me.
    He never did get any of it sorted...

    The day I move out, the landlord comes round. He fixes the shower door etc, and calls a plumber for the boiler. He says some areas are a "7 out of 10" and that they need cleaned more. I get down on my hands and knees and scrub every part he has a problem with for an hour and a half. Afterwards, I agree he can take money out of my deposit to have the carpet in the bedroom cleaned. We both sign a document saying that we are happy with this being the only thing that I need to pay for getting done.

    I think "Thank God, I'm finally shot of him"...
    But I'm not.

    He said he would forward a cheque after receiving confirmation of bills being paid etc. He received these, I handed the keys over...
    Last week (a week after I moved out), still having received no cheque, I get a phone call from him saying that:
    "The new tenant is not happy with the state of the walls. She has taken down a picture and noticed the wall behind the picture is whiter than the wall around it. This has been caused by nicotine. This is not my problem, you will need to pay for it to be repainted."
    Nor did I take ANY pictures down in the whole 6 months I was there...

    Anyway, does he have the right to take money off me for a painter to come round?
    I do not smoke. Noone was smoking in the flat while I was there.
    I checked the contract, and the contract doesn't even say you CAN'T smoke.
    Surely, the person before me could have smoked here?
    And surely walls can just yellow slightly from age? I know for a fact they werent pure white when I moved in... I didn't think they were meant to be.

    please help guys... Im making myself ill...
    I don't earn much, and I really do need that money back

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