Finding a tennant - letting agent fees

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    Finding a tennant - letting agent fees

    I'm hoping someone could please answer my question or provide some assistance with the following problem:
    I have been letting out my property through a letting agent and they found a tennant who agreed to a tennancy for a period of 12 months. I was told by phone just over a month ago that my tennant was giving notice and wanted them to find another tennant to move in so that she could move out.

    This was all acceptable but I received and gave nothing in writing to confirm the action. As I am quite friendly with the letting agents, they reasured me that they would find a tennant quickly anyway and there was nothing to worry about, I was therefore happy for them to go ahead.

    Subsequesntly a new tennant has been found, but I wondered about the charges for finding another tennant. My understanding is that if a tennant breaks their agreement early, as the landlond, I would not incur any charges for finding another tennant, these would be the responsibility of the tennant and ultimately be taken from the tennants deposit. I have since been told by the letting agent that I would be responsible for the cost. Is my thinking correct? or would it be my responsibility?

    The problem seems to be that you agreed surrender without imposing any terms about who should pay for re-letting. Your contract is with the agent, and unless your agency agreement states different, you would be liable for the cost of any work you agree to.

    You may have a claim against the tenants deposit if your tenancy agreement has an applicable clause, but I suspect you can not go along the 'breach of contract' route because you agreed to the surrender.


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