tenant in jail how to evict ?

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  • carterowl
    started a topic tenant in jail how to evict ?

    tenant in jail how to evict ?


    any help appreciated

    i have asked within a previous thread but the answer got vaguer as posts came in

    tenant is in first 6 months of ast endiung 15/5/2010

    sent to prison in jan 2010 we have wrote asking him to surrender but no repsonse

    only he was living at the flat but we know his girlfriend has been back to the flat and taken most of the possesions away though bits are still there

    we have had no rent since jan 2010 as he was on benefits and these have now ceased as he is not on bail he has been sentenced

    basically need to know am i legally ok to enter the premises at the end of the fixed term and change locks and relet the property taking into account i know where tenant is ie it has not been abandoned ?


    do i still need to serve section notices to him in prison then go to court for eviction . then would i have to go back to court for bailiffs order ?

    spoke to some solicitors but they all give different answers !

    would hate to be sued after the event by someone in jail using legal aid

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