Should L chase for rent whilst location of T is known or wait

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  • Should L chase for rent whilst location of T is known or wait

    Very recently been granted a mandatory possession order for property.
    T has been given 14 days to leave (has advised me they wont budge and will have to get bailiffs (buying a couple more weeks)).

    There is no chance of me recovering rent but would like to make T's life difficult in getting future credit.

    Having read up on the site, mixed opinions on whether this should be served whilst the location of T is known (i.e. current property address) or wait till they settle in somewhere else and be employed and go after the money using tracing agents etc.

    Should I be the bigger person and just let things go or pursue Rent from T (~£3K)?

    Is MCOL the correct place to start?

    The only information I have on T is
    • Name
    • Current Address
    • National Insurance Number
    • Previous Employers Name and Address

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    From my bitter experience, you must send a 'Letter Before Action' (LBA) to demand your money NOW!. Tell T that if he doesn't pay within 14 days of your letter, he will face legal action.

    The cheapest and easiest method in my view is to apply for court action using:

    Don't wait until T is gone because you will spend months of your time as well as your money trying to track T down. This is terribly stressful.

    You can only do the LBA and the moneyclaim if you have an address which is where they are living right now.

    Don't delay!


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