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    Deposit dispute!


    I've just entered into a depsit dispute and was wondering whether anyone who's been in similar situations could offer any advice.

    At the check out the inventory clerk said we had left the property in an excellent conidtion (this was the same clerk that we did checks at the beginning of our tenancy). He could see no reason why we wouldn't get our deposit back, so we moved into our new place thinking all was fine.

    A few days passed and we called the Letting agent to check on when we would be recieving our deposit back/ method of payment answer, so we leave several messages. After this we recieve no phone calls back and it has now been 10/12 days since we vacated the property.

    Today someone finally picked up the phone and said there had been some problems. The LandLord and Letting Agent had been to property since the ivnetory check and had seen a few things they were unhappy with. We have since spoken to the inventory clerk and they are on are side and maintain the checks they did on checkout are correct.

    I've also found out today that the landlord is now selling the property and it makes me think that she is just trying to make money out of us. What would anyone advise? How long can they legally keep hold of a deposit?

    Any help would be much appreciated!


    Assuming this is an assured shorthold tenancy in England/Wales, and that the deposit is protected by a scheme, contact the scheme to raise a dispute.


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