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    ok.so i can..


    1). So from what i understand.....i can give 2 months notice from RIGHT NOW, if i want to. Ending it 16th June (cos its been breached). Is that right?

    (.. Even though the original 6 month agreement doesnt end till August..).

    2). If (Big IF) i wanted to push on the outstanding rent, that should have been uptill the original end date (August), i can? Or not?

    So I can state the contract has been breached..(via the constant disagreements, not willing to conform, and now...the physical aspects that involved the police (believe it or not!!) yesterday.



      It may help if your tenants understood what the dates on food items actually means as there would appear to be some confusion.

      Sell by date - the date a shop wants to sell the food by (ie. it will look good to them or meets their quality standards) food can still safely be eaten after the sell by date has passed.

      Best before date - exactly as the name suggests, the food is at its best if used before this date.

      There is no hygiene or safety issue with eating or storing food that has passed either of these dates.

      Use by date - the date the food should be used by. ie. the manufacturers or producer deems that after this date has passed the food should not be consumed.

      Hope that helps.



        No, if you are in a AST with the Tenant which ends end of August, you can give a S21 anytime, as long as you give 2 clear months before the end of the AST, that you are evicting him at the end of August, YOU CANNOT USE THIS TO EVICT SOONER ON THE GROUNDS THAT THE AST IS BREECHED. You are simply saying you are giving notice that your not going to allow the tenant to stay beyond the end of the AST. You could go down the section 8 road, but search around the forums on the pitfalls of this, I doubt if you want to goto court over this?

        I would suggest you give him a S21 to end the tenancy to open his eyes to the seriousness of the situation, there is nothing like an official looking document to focus attentions.


          I am afraid dazalock is talking nonsense. S21 is not a notice of eviction; it is a notice that you require possession. If he fails to leave on that date you still cannot evict, but you have to obtain a court order. Ultimately it is the court that does the eviction, but in this case it will be a lot later than the end of august - the end of october is more likely.
          Disclaimer: What I say is either right or wrong. It may be advisable to check what I say with a solicitor. If he says I am right then I am right, unless he is wrong in which case I am wrong; but if he says I am wrong then I am wrong, unless he is wrong in which case I am right


            MANY Thanks .

            Ok..look..Dazalock, Lawstudent..and everyone else, thanks so much for your replies.

            Its really usefull and informative. i had no idea!!

            I am very gratefull for it.





              Actually..it really does help.

              Many thanks.



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