"Out Of Date Food" !! Argument

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    "Out Of Date Food" !! Argument

    Hi all

    I have a question that im not really sure about and wondered if anyone could help in anyway at all.

    As a new landlord (since oct 04 actually) i have come across a situation!

    I know that its not really my business...Or is it?!

    I have 3 tenants in one house. Individual rooms but share kitchen and so also the fridge freezer.
    Last night, a big argument about tenant 1 complaining and "losing it" over tentant 2!

    No 1 has been keeping "Out Of Date" food in the fridge.
    No 2 lost it (BIG time!) after complaining several times and then all hell broke loose!

    Asked me to intervene at which point i declined but did point out the Health Risks of Contamination, Risk to fellow tenants, Respect for each other etc.... etc...
    Thats all i could do.

    Or is it? I mean..If tenant No 1 REFUSES, continiously, to go by the "Sell by Date" rule, putting others at risk, Is there Anything a landlord could or should or maybe Should not do?!

    At present i dont want to get involved but as you can imagine, things may get "bloody", even, and with a risk of losing present tenants!! Not to mention Health etc...

    Any info / help would be really appreciated, As it has been before.

    Many thanks in advance.


    Well I would say it is your problem, not legally, but you do want a happy household. The problem here is whilst one could be a bit of a kacker the other might be a bit picky. State clearly the rules of use of communal areas in terms of h&s and respect for others, put it up in the kitchen if you have too, if someone does not follow it, inform them that you wont be renewing the tenancy, you dont even have to give a reason, just submit a s21 with the correct notice periods. Be Strong!


      Unless he is selling it there is no "sell by date rule" most products last quite a while longer than the sell by date, the supermarkets need a large safety net on this date (maybe it should be called "supermarket wants you to buy some more date")


        Please tell me these people are young students ! I can't imagine adults playing up like that...

        What does out of date mean here ? Is it rotten food on a plate uncovered growing some new mushroom species ? Or is it a closed container that is 3 days over the BB date ?
        I guess it makes a difference: I personnally wouldn't mind closed containers but if the stuff has started growing mould I would be more concerned and certainly disgusted.


          To be honest I think its irrelevant, the poster should, as the owner of the property, decide on a house rule and inforce it for common area's. The easiest and safest way in this instance is to say "no food to be stored in common areas where the use by date has passed" there can be no misinterperatation of that, in the same way he should impose the house rule for not blocking exit doors, dont specify what things like bike's or a sofa may turn up.


            It makes sense !

            I wasn't really commenting on what solution the LL should adopt, I was more amazed at how some people (tenants) can't deal with such problems like adults. And live in community...


              [QUOTE=dazalock]The easiest and safest way in this instance is to say "no food to be stored in common areas where the use by date has passed" there can be no misinterperatation of that, QUOTE]

              It would be a daft rule that would be applicable to food bought in a supermarket, Butchers dont put sell by dates on, Fishmongers dont put sell by dates on, Greengrocers dont put sell by dates on. What would you do? add a rule saying no fresh vegetables or fruits unless they are supermarket Prepacked and dated!


                The whole point is that you have a common area, you have a number of people with differing habits and varying levels of hygiene. If you dont want a WWF match going on, make some house rules and ensure everyone knows that these are there for everyones safety and enjoyment of the common areas. Anyone blantantly going against these and getting on everyone else's nerves, S21 no questions asked. Along with the Barrack room layers


                  I think you should provide a separate fridge for older food.This food is often cheaper in the supermarkets and you should show some sensitivity towards the financial situation of your tenants (which you are making worse by demanding rent).Impecunity should not be punished.



                    Thank you guys n girls for your information and suggestions.

                    I really find it usefull. And agree that these 3 adults are behaving like this! Its amazing actually. Believe it or not, its actually got police involved now! so no doubt i will hear about this later on a bit, (hr or two)!!
                    I mean its becoming physical between them now, so i just heard.!

                    Of course its last thing i want and have asked for peacfull solutions, communication, even just notes to each other at the very very least!

                    But ur suggestions are helpfull .

                    Ok..if was to impose the rules via "rules in communal area" poster or something, and these were breached....i can serve a section 21 (which i have never done so far as still new to this).

                    Some of you state that no reason need be given other than the Breach of Terms etc......

                    ..?...My question then is ..this s21..does it still have to go by the '2 months' notice of eviction period? Or can i state a lesser moving out period?

                    ...?.....Going by the start dates of contract to the end (all are 6 months contracts on different individual dates for all 3 tenants) Or not? .. i mean..

                    ..i mean...one tenant start date was 23.02.05..(for 6 months)...so end date would be 22.08.05 (is that right ?) So Could i serve s21 now ?..or not until 2 months before end (making it 22.06.05) ?

                    I hope it makes sense!

                    I really appreciate your help and experience. Each person. Many thanks people.


                      I have really tried Andy!

                      Actually jus read the last one...from Andy..

                      Andy..you have helped in the past and im gratefull for your experience.. but check this..


                      i have not been going on about rent while this is goin on. Trust me, i even said to them that i want peace between them as opposed to my rent or profit. I said that to them. Peace and a 'happy home' was much more important for me..and them.

                      I offered to buy them containers..no charge.

                      I offered to sort the washing bowls etc..cos they were at each others throats..so i offered that i would do this if they promised to clean the slate and start all over again as respectfull tenants at the least.

                      I even offered (this time) to move the bin bags that have piled up..explaining tht it was all because of this break down..and that they would hopefully sort it, move on..and do these jobs next time.

                      and finally..believe me...i purchased a new fridge freezer for them ( because i felt the old one was too small...they never asked me to at all) and placed that there only couple days before!!

                      So...i have really really tried to make them work it out. Honestlly the last thing ive been doing or even thought about is demanding rent or threating them. Although..i too am now seeing what others have suggested here and its making sense also!!


                        Well good luck but I am disappointed you are not going for the second fridge solution.A second-hand fridge would be quite cheap (people often give them away when upgrading) and would keep all happy.


                          Andy Parker is right. You have no legal obligation to do so, but you should provide at least two fridges, one for food within its sell-by date, the other for older food. Better still would be to have three fridges, the third for food that is not only beyond its sell by date but has slight mould or maggot infestation. House rules must be detailed and form a Schedule to the tenancy agreement. They should include a prohibition on putting food in the wrong category of fridge (eg mouldy food in the past sell-by date but non-mouldy fridge, or fresh food in the mouldy fridge). Tenants should also have to sign a declaration that they use food from all but the non-fresh fridge at their own risk.
                          Disclaimer: What I say is either right or wrong. It may be advisable to check what I say with a solicitor. If he says I am right then I am right, unless he is wrong in which case I am wrong; but if he says I am wrong then I am wrong, unless he is wrong in which case I am right


                            Sorry about last post - I wrote it at the same time as yours.It sounds like your tenants don't want to get on anyway.Good luck.


                              Tsk, only parents should be LL's of a HMO. These kids have walked from home where Mum did everything for them, now you are mum. Zero tolerance is what is needed, watch little angels on Telly. you can serve a S21 at any time but you need to give 2 month notice if aout side of the 6month ast, and if within the AST give notice (2 months) that the tenancy will end. Hopefully, a strong stance will shut them up. By pampering to thier every whim, he said i said routines, will show you are a soft touch.


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