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    Can anyone offer any advice on what we can or should do?

    We moved into a rented house 4 weeks ago and from day 1 the next door neighbour plays his music loud all day every day (never evenings), today i went round there and asked if he could politely turn his music down as there was no need to have it so loud, straight away he turned it down, 1/2 hour later it was back on and he was louded than ever as was also singing at the top of his lungs.

    Before we moved here it had never been rented out before, and the LL had lived here for 2 years (they only moved as they got given a house with their jobs - teachers), today the environmental health telephoned to follow up my call last week, he told me a complaint had been put in by the our LL in april 2009.

    I'm feeling really frustrated that the fact we have only just moved here, signed a 12 month contract and now we have to deal with the noisy neighbour, take diary notes and even install recorders (if it comes to that).

    Any advice on where we stand legally with this, say in 6 months time we cant deal with the agro no more (there is no 6 month clause).

    Any help, experience or advice would be welcome, thanks lilac x

    p.s the LL is using a letting agent who we deal with directly rather than them

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    Is your property in fact a house or a flat?
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      Its a house with no neighbours the other side just a park


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        Originally posted by lilacworld View Post
        Its a house with no neighbours the other side just a park
        In that case the Environmental Health Officer in charge of noise abatement is your best hope. Keep the diary. Log every instance of nuisance. Then when you have amassed a couple of weeks' worth of evidence, contact your EHO. If the noise spills out into the street (noisy parties etc), ask the police to speak to your neighbours.

        Good luck - I appreciate how frustrating and stressful this kind of anti-social behaviour can be.
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