Quick one - Tenant not given any notice on 1 year fixed contract

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  • Quick one - Tenant not given any notice on 1 year fixed contract

    Hi, my tenants are on a 1 year fixed contract. I've just found out by the agent that they are coming out in 2 weeks at the end of their contract. By law, do they have to give me any notice at all? Agents says they dont. A quick reply greatly appreciated as i'm seeing the tenants later in the day, Many thanks, Mark

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    Agent is correct. T does not have to give any notice if he leaves on or before the last day of the fixed term (obviously, he is liable for rent up to and including the last day of the fixed term).


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      If T leaves on the expiry of the Letting, no Notice is needed (although it would be polite for T to tell L or L's letting agent).
      Quick enough for you?
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        Thanks guys, you boys are super quick! Yes, would have been nice to have been informed. Have a great day, regards, Mark


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