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  • Credit checks and getting a flat question

    I want to move away and back to where I lived a few years ago, I have an issue though that the property I have seen online and been sent details of is through an agency that wants to do a credit check, now last time I checked my score was 2 years ago and it was VERY low i.e about 190 out of a 1000 and I cannot get bank accounts at the minute though I can get mobile phones as got one before I have recently had a few issues with bank and mobile i.e my mobile phone company overcharged me and so my bill is about 6 weeks late, and someone stole over £1000 from my debit card meaning I got loads of letters from bank threatening debt collectors and this took about 5 months to sort so worried my score would be hit.

    How deep is the credit check? I have zero defaults or CCJ's but I have this recent issue with late payments going back a few months, a low credit score and back 8 or 9 years when I was 18 I got loads of credit and didnt pay it back though I have in recent years.

    Just worried since its the only furnished flat in my price range since others seem to be over £100 a week or the same price but unfurnished.

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    Agents will vary, but this may be useful.

    I feel you will almost certainly need someone to legally guarantee that you will meet your obligations - not only rent. Very few landlords would want to get into a tenancy agreement with a person who has a recent history of late payment and (although it may / may not be your fault) large debts in relation to their income.


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