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  • Tenancy Agreement # of pages?

    Hey All,

    I'm a first time user here of these forums, and they look to be packed with some very valid information and opinions.

    I do have a question though, the AST agreement that you can purchase from "Lawpack" is this fine for all AST's? Also does anyone have one, and can you tell me how many pages it is? With this in mind, is it also easy to follow (understand)?

    I look forward to your reply

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    There's nothing wrong wth the Lawpack AST.

    However, if you want one that is really thorough you can purchase the CD. One os from ARLA and the other from NAEA. Both are over 20 pages long but are so thorough you are unlikely to miss anything. I think the NAEA version is about £80 plus VAT to non-members. Let me know if you want more information.
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      As Paul says, there's nothing wrong with the Lawpack agreement but read it thoroughly. I bought one and use it as the basis of my agreements. Be aware though, if you make any changes, make sure that the agreement remains legal, check his forum or any questions on this.


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