is garantor still liable ?

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  • is garantor still liable ?

    Hi, wonder if anyone can help, i signed a 6 month contract (assured short hold tenancy) in DEC 07 and renewed this 6 months later both were also signed by my guarantor. Since that ran out over a year ago it has not been renewed and has continued on a month by month basis. My landlord has now given me notice to quit. Is the original guarantor still liable for my rent arrears,( which have accrued since the lease ran out) even if the lease i signed ran out over a year ago.


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    That will probably depend on what it says in the guarantor Deed or agreement which was signed by your guarantor at the start of your tenancy. What exactly does it commit him/her to?
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      Usually, yes because the guarantor covers the tenancy, not a specific tenancy agreement. However, as mind the gap says, the detail will be in the deed of guarantee.


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