Upset tenant - how can I help her?

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    Upset tenant - how can I help her?

    I have a property with 3 people sharing. It's not been a happy arrangement from the start.

    Bills are not included and left for the tenants to split and I've never had a problem with this before. However one of the tenants said he would be responsible for the payments and has taken money from the others but not paid the bills.

    The other two tenants have contacted me on many occasions but I felt there was little I could do as it's not part of the contract.

    I've just had an email from the girl who has been paying to say she had handed over money to the other tenant (who had also previously paid his bills) and now he has also kept her money as well!

    Although it is their business I can't help feeling sorry for the girl and would like to be able to offer her some advice. She is a foreign student and is sick with worry as she fears she will be charged again for the money the other tenants have not paid. Their contract ends on 14th April.

    Is it theft and could she contact the police?

    If the utility accounts are in the name of one of the tenants then it's up to them to sort out. It's not going to affect you if they are not paid. Much as you might want to sypathise with your tenant, I would not get too involved.
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