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    Congratulations to!!!

    Well done on getting the forum back up and running!!!!! Good to have you back!
    Liability statement. My liability to you is not to exceed the amount you are paying for my recommendations or advice.

    I see a bright new future, where chickens can cross the road with no fear of having their motives questioned

    Let us hope that this unfortunate incident provides and insight into the actions and precautions that are needed to prevent successful hacks in the future.

    For the site to be down so long there must have been severe problems to overcome and thanks to those involved in restoring normal service.
    Vic - wicked landlord
    Any advice or suggestions given in my posts are intended for guidance only and not a substitute for completing full searches on this forum, having regard to the advice of others, or seeking appropriate professional opinion.
    Without Plain English Codes of Practice and easy to complete Prescribed Forms the current law is too complex and is thus neither fair to good tenants nor good landlords.


      LandlordZONE Back!

      Thanks for the comments.
      Yes, it has been a serious hack, but there's more to this: it's been an unfortunate set of circumstances and created a lot of stess and work for us.
      The hack coincided with our main technical man being in hospital and our main office network server computer going down as well. This was a brand new machine, state of the art, and a memory chip blew.
      The service we have had from our host during this incindent has been absolutely abismal - so we've also taken the opportunity to switch hosts.
      I'm now very confident that the new host will give us A1 service - they come highly recommended.
      Fortunately our back-up procedures have worked very well and we're pretty well back to normal now.
      Yes, there are lessons to be learned here and hopefully we will benefit from all this in the future.
      Regards, Tom


        so the forum was hacked! someone must have it in for landlords, wonder who that might be?

        coincidentaly the investalist forum was hacked last week, most of their forum has dissapeared, no great loss as their wasn't much on their anyway

        well done LLZ good to have you back


          Welcome back..

          Welcome back LLZ! I think there's a few websites from what i've read about that have been hacked this past week or so.


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