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    Houses - Trying to find


    me and my wife live in Hull but we want to live in Bridlington.

    Since we have just married we would like to start a family in Bridlington and also I want to start a business in Bridlington within the next 2 years!

    Our problem is that we have looked in agencies for houses and they all seem to be too highly priced for us (500-550PCM) and the house we a re in now is 475PCM and we manage nicely.

    Basically, we want to find some private landlords so we can get an idea for bonds and how much needs to be paid up-front and how much PCM we would pay for a 2-3 bedroom house privately rented!

    P.S we have 2 wonderful very well behaved Dogs which we would like to move with us! but this seems to be a problem at the agency houses.

    So we would like to move to Brid does anyone know of any private landlords ???

    Any information would be dearly appreciated!!!!


    Mr & Mrs Jackson.

    Places like Gumtree and I don't know what would be the equivalent of Loot up there, but one of those classifieds listings papers that come out on a friday, they usually have a property section.


      yeah looked on gumtree but no luck unfortunately!!

      does anyone know of any private landlords in Bridlington ???

      thanks anyway


        You may well discover that your two dogs are the sticking points with private LLs who don't use agents, as well as with LLs who do. With the greatest of respect, everyone who has dogs think they are the nicest, quietest, best-behaved and odourless creatures...but the chances are, they are not. You can always tell if a house has had a dog living in it - the smell lingers for weeks. Even the best trained dogs scratch doors and furniture, especially if they are left indoors all day while their owners are at work. Plus, every rental property which has had dogs in, needs completely -de-fleaing afterwards.

        All you can do is hope for a sympathetic dog-loving LL and offer to pay a very large deposit (say the equivalent of two months' rent - the usual is one month's). LLs of rental properties in villages/on farms/in the countryside are often more laid-back about tenants with dogs - but you may have to be satisfied with a property which is not 'top end' in terms of decor and furnishings, I'm afraid.

        Good luck in your hunt!
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