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    Landlord wanting access for viewings.......

    Hi, i'm new here. Been browsing the forum for a while so thought it was time to register

    We have just given 2 months notice to our landlord that we want to move out.

    Literally a couple of days later we were being bombarded with voicemails from estate agents saying that they have arranged viewings at a certain time without even checking if it's ok with us first! and that if we don't respond to the voicemails that they leave they will simply let themselves in with the key that the landlord has given them to use (the landlord didn't even inform us that they had given someone a set of keys to the property!)

    My o.h is on night shift for 3 weeks and therefore sleeps in the day, which is not ideal when there are people wanting to let themselve in to view the house!

    We raised these concerns with the landlord and simply got a reply stating that:
    a) it's not their fault that he has to sleep
    b) they have every right to enter the house as long as they give us notice that they are going to do so 24hrs in advance either by voicemail or other means.
    c) They have every right to access with 24 hours notice at all reasonable hours of the day 7 days a week in the last 2 months of the tenancy as in our tenancy agreement it states.......... '3.28 during the last 2 months of the tenancy to permit the landlord or their agent on reasonable notice to enter the property with prospective purchasers or tenants at all reasonable hours of the day to view the property'

    We have explained our situation about being on night shift etc and have suggested alternative dates and times for viewings. The landlord's reply was that it is unacceptable and if we continue to deny access at all reasonable hours of the day they will look to recover any losses incured due to us denying them access and take legal action!!

    My questions are:
    1) Does our right to have 'quiet enjoyment' of the property whilst we are still paying rent override the clause about allowing access at all reasonable times of the day?
    2) What is considered 'reasonable times'? as to us reasonable times on a night shift would be when my o.h is not asleep in bed!
    3) How will they be able to calculate any 'losses incured'?
    4) Are we within our rights to deny access completely as the 'viewings' are nothing to do with repairs or to inspect the state of the property by the landlord?
    5) Will any of this affect getting our deposit back at the end of our tenancy?

    Sorry for the long read, just thought it'd make it easier to put as much detail in as possible! lol

    Many Thanks in advance

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